The Recognition of Foreign Qualifications

Article 3 / 12 , Vol 34 No 4 (Winter)

The Recognition of Foreign Qualifications

This article looks at an important issue facing new Canadians – the recognition of their foreign credentials.

I have always said that whether you were born here, flew here or sailed here, Canada opens her arms to those who work hard and play by the rules. It is vitally important for our newcomers to integrate – but integration is a two way street. The ones who are here before must open their hearts to welcome newcomers as full partners in our society by addressing the issues like foreign qualifications recognition and tearing down barriers to success. And at the same time it also the newcomers’ obligation to strive to be a part of society – whether it comes to wholeheartedly accepting Canadian values or getting involved in community work.

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Representing Pluralistic Constituencies

Article 1 / 10 , Vol 34 No 1 (Spring)

Vol 34 No 1Representing Pluralistic Constituencies

Canada is a large, diverse nation with regions that possess a variety of ethnic and cultural identities. The presence of this peaceful mosaic is one of the cornerstones that makes Canada unique. This article looks at the particular challenge of representing diverse cultural communities.

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