Know Your Mace – Nova Scotia

Know Your Mace – Nova Scotia

The current Mace of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly has been in use since it was gifted to the House on March 5, 1930 by Chief Justice Robert Edward Harris, the fourteenth Chief Justice of the Province and his wife. It is silver gilt, measuring four feet in height and weighs approximately 18 pounds. The four sides of the Mace depict the Royal Crown, the Armorial Achievement of Nova Scotia, the present (before Confederation) Great Seal of the Province, and the Speaker in his robes of office. Also found on the Mace is the floral emblem of Nova Scotia, the mayflower and the Scottish thistle. The Mace was manufactured in England by Elkington and Company, Limited.

The Chief Justice and Mrs. Harris wanted to remain anonymous donors of the Mace, but the Premier, in agreeing to this, requested that someday a suitable inscription be made on the Mace. Thus, in his will the Chief Justice directed his executors to have the Mace engraved with the following inscription and to pay the cost for the engraving out of his estate: “This mace was presented to the House of Assembly of the Province of Nova Scotia by the Hon. Robert E. Harris, Chief Justice of Nova Scotia, and Mrs. Harris, March 1930”. The Chief Justice passed away on May 30, 1931.

Annette M. Boucher

Assistant Clerk