A Tribute to Gary Levy

Article 10 / 13 , Vol 36 No 4 (Winter)

A Tribute to Gary Levy

After 30 years, Gary Levy is retiring as Editor of the Canadian Parliamentary Review. This current edition is the last issue to be edited by him. Gary has been the first and only Editor of the Review and it has been through his efforts that it has grown and developed into the respected and renowned journal that it is across the country and throughout the Commonwealth. It is a source of pride for the Canadian Region of CPA to see how much the Review is read and esteemed by loyal readers everywhere.

We all know how hard Gary worked in seeking out countless articles highlighting various issues related to Parliament and the Legislatures that otherwise might not have been published in the CPR. The Editorial Board owes him a great debt of thanks for building an interest and appreciation for the work of Canadian Legislatures. The CPR under his Editorship filled an important niche by providing a vehicle for Canadian legislators to publish essays and studies relevant to other legislators, while also incorporating articles of interest to the academic community and to the general public who follow the activities of our Legislatures.

I think Gary would also want us to gratefully acknowledge the support he received from his trusted assistant, Anna LaBallister. Anna, who joined the CPR in 1979 and retired in September 2013, provided the technical production skills and records management which allowed Gary’s creative vision to flourish. Together they made an exceptionally strong team.

Although Gary is retiring as Editor, he will continue to be engaged in spreading the word about the activities of Canadian Legislatures through his role as educator while serving as a visiting scholar at Carleton University.

On behalf of the CPR Editorial Board, I would like to thank Gary sincerely for his many years of service. Without him, the Canadian Parliamentary Review would not have achieved the solid status it enjoys today. His was a job well done. At the same time, I want to wish him every success in his future projects though I have little doubt that these too will turn out very well.

Patricia Chaychuk

Chair of the Editorial Board