CPA Activities

Article 7 / 11 , Vol 43 No. 2 (Summer)

CPA Activities

Appointment of Clerk of the Legislative Assembly

On March 2, the Legislative Assembly unanimously appointed Kate Ryan-Lloyd Clerk of the Legislative Assembly following the recommendation of a special committee. Since that time, there have been two additions to the newly-established Clerk’s Leadership Group. They are S. Suzie Seo, who assumed the functions of Law Clerk and Parliamentary Counsel on a permanent basis in April 2020, and Artour Sogomonian, who was appointed to the new position of Clerk Assistant, Parliamentary Services in May 2020.

Ms. Ryan-Lloyd has served the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia for many years, beginning in the Legislative Library, then the Parliamentary Committees Office and had served as Acting Clerk since November 2018.

This was the first time a special committee was appointed to select and unanimously recommend a candidate for the position of Clerk of the Legislative Assembly. The special committee appointment process in BC is typically used for statutory officers in accordance with statutory provisions and established practice.

Ms. Ryan-Lloyd is the first woman in British Columbia’s history to be appointed to the role.